Curasept soft ANTI-PLAQUE TOOTHBRUSHES remove and break down plaque much more effectively than traditional toothbrushes, thanks to the Soft Touch System technology.

Soft Touch System

An innovative system characterized by extra soft extra flexible, numerous, compact bristles. The high quality of polyester filaments combined with the degree of softness and density, ensure a superior cleaning capacity without causing damage to gums and tissues of the teeth. Highly effective - Highly atramautic.


Various degrees of softness so that you can choose the most suitable to the patient’s needs.

The CURASEPT SOFT LINE consists of:

  • MEDICAL brushes that are particularly indicated in combinationwith Curasept ADS toothpaste and mouthwash treatments.
  • SOFT short head toothbrushes with 4 different degrees of softness that can be used together with any toothpaste and mouthwash. Ideal for preventing gingival lesions caused by incorrect brushing.