CURASEPT S.p.A was founded in 2001 with the aim of creating innovative and safe solutions that give a continuous boost to improve chemical and mechanical oral hygiene performance. 

The approach is highly scientific and makes research the real backbone of the brand. Each product line is characterised by reliability and efficiency, and recognised as gold standard.

Innovative drive along with deep knowledge of the needs related to oral health in all age groups have always been the distinctive values of the brand which, consistently with the specificity of its products, has chosen to distribute almost exclusively in pharmacies.

I nostri valori


This sentence summarises the company’s mission statement which expresses the main objective of the brand, which is to offer safe and specific solutions for every oral cavity problem at all stages of life.

The mouth, like the rest of the body, changes over time and this involves changes in types of problems and their specificities. Hence the need to offer differentiated solutions capable of acting specifically within a clinical context.
The Curasept lines scientifically and effectively support the entire development of the oral cavity, from the first months to more advanced ages, to always offer the best both in the problem solving phase and in maintaining oral health.


Today, the name Curasept means expressing a primacy of efficiency and reliability, but being “FIRST” is a lot more - it is an attitude that accompanies every stage of a life journey.
It is a journey made up of many firsts, many experiences and achievements that strengthen us “time and time again”, to then evolve into a more developed significance: to be first!
First in innovation, research and quality, first in meeting your expectations in the field of oral hygiene, but above all, first in wanting to improve. Always.



The search for partners from the point of view of quality cannot be separated from the following conviction: to create true innovation, it is necessary to network with those who can offer excellence in their field.

This is the guideline that Curasept has always adopted by creating partnerships with Italian and international research institutes, organisations and trade associations, but also high-profile doctors and consultants. Only in this way has it been possible to build strong scientific roots that have made it possible to achieve the results that are today recognised globally.

A good product is the result of strong interactions, shared knowledge and common goals.

Ricerca e sviluppo


Growth based on science. This is the story of Curasept, a path characterised by great innovations that have revolutionised the world of oral hygiene, in both professional and home environments. Each phase of the company's growth is marked by fundamental topical moments, in which a step forward has been made in order to improve mouth health and give dentists and hygienists increasingly effective tools. This was possible through a logic of targeted investments in research and development, strategic collaborations with research institutes and manufacturing companies that have proven themselves consistent with a vision of science combined with excellence.



The Quality for CURASEPT S.p.A. is an essential condition to put itself successfully on the market, considering its characteristics and evolution.

The development of the Company and its profit are insured by the continuous search for quality towards excellence through the continuous improvement of its processes and the search for partners with quality systems adapted to our standards.

The Company aims to increase the customer satisfaction through the application of its Quality Management System, including the processes to improve the system and to ensure the compliance with the customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

For this purpose, the Company performs specific risks and opportunities assessment activities, connected to the context, stakeholders and related objectives, in order to identify the areas of system improvements and to define the appropriate actions for the risk control and mitigation and strengthening of its Quality System.

The starting point for the implementation of this policy is the pursuit of the following objectives:

  • Define and implement a Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 + A11:2021 regulation, as Manufacturer of Medical Devices;
  • Define and implement a system of procedures and operating instructions in harmony with the Directive 93/42/CEE, the Regulation (UE) 2017/745 for the applicable parts and subsequent changes and integrations, which satisfy the essential requirements set out in Annex I;
  • Define and implement a system of procedures in harmony with the Directive 2010/84, the Regulation 1235/2010, the Implementation Regulation n. 520/2012 and in accordance with the objectives of “module I - “Good Vigilance Practices” (GVP).
  • Establish and formalize the business organizational structure with the subdivision into areas of competences;
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of business functions;
  • Define strategies and objectives and assign human and material resources for their achievement;
  • Define accurately business processes and related performance factors;
  • Ensure compliance with qualitative, quantitative and temporal requirements;
  • Constantly monitor the level of adequacy of the system with reference to regulations and laws;
  • Promote initiatives in order to improve the process of motivational and professional growth of human resources, considered as critical resources for future business developments;
  • Ensure the commitment to the satisfaction of requirements and the maintenance of effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

These objectives can be realized thanks to the involvement of the whole Company personnel.
In particular, the Managers of each Function provide their contribution so that the suggested improvements can be proposed to the General Direction, so that the Quality Policy can be a priority element in the choice of business qualitative and organizational strategies.

The involvement of the whole personnel in the improvement of internal and external processes should be aimed at reducing non-compliance and internal and external costs of non-quality; for this reason all employees should feel themselves committed in pursuing this policy.

Training courses, for all business levels, are promoted and planned by the General Direction in order to keep the personnel constantly up to date on the improvements performed for the processes.
The Quality Manual, which has been delivered in copy to each Manager by the General Direction, should represent a work tool for all Managers and their personnel for the implementation of the Quality Policy.

29 August 2022

General Direction